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"It’s taken 60-some episodes to get to this moment of Regina opening her heart, so we’re gratified the audience came with us on that ride."

- Eddy Kitsis. 

And here is my problem with Outlaw Queen. I’ve been on this ride for 60+ episodes and I want the end story to be worth it and I don’t feel Robin is. He still feels to me like a mid-point in the story, another step in her opening her heart up before we reach the big gratifying moment. 

We’ve all been on this ride for 60+ episodes and I have to believe that the pay-off will be more than a rushed quickly added in story (which it is - they said that they had their plan for Regina from the beginning, Robin was a quick change added in at the last minute - just look at 2x19 where there was no tattoo). The thought has not been there since the beginning with OQ. Robin has not what we’ve been building to for 60 episodes. 

What has been there from the beginning? 

Regina, Emma and Henry. 

Over 60 episodes I have watched these relationship develop in amazing ways and I hope they will continue to do so. At its core the show has been about this family. 

I’ve been on this ride Eddy is talking about and I’ve seen what they’ve been building and I can’t believe that the end of the ride will be Regina and Robin. I can’t because it isn’t what that ride has been about. 

The ride has been about Regina opening her heart up to love, redeeming herself in her own way, going from enemies to reluctant allies to friends with the mother of her child and finding a family. 

None of that has been about Robin. 

To me he is not the end of the ride. He is a just a loop in the ride before you reach the conclusion. 

I watch Once and I know Regina’s ride is not over, I have to believe that there is something more, that her endgame happiness is the story I have watched for 60+ episodes. 

That story is SwanMillsFamily. 

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