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To Whom it May Concern,

I’m writing to you to express concerns about a writer from StarryMag, Lisa Steinberg, who was given press access with the Once Upon a Time cast…





I see all this hootin and hollerin on the SQ tag trying to validate SQ but no one will discuss the most important, most heart-breaking piece of that AfterEllen interview with Lana. I mean, I guess I’m not one of the SQ shippers who is content with just being…

Oh and I get that, believe me I really do. But call me an optimist or call me a dreamer but I don’t think this interview makes that any less possible. I certainly don’t think it makes canon SQ impossible. It would be awesome if it had been the secret intent from the start, legendary. And until the very end there will be a tiny part of me that still believes it is.

But even without that it can still be the beautiful slow build. It can still be like that. We know for a fact that Frozen wasn’t their original intention when they started the show - the damn thing didn’t exist. Things change writers change.

I will never stop hoping til the final curtain call, no matter how silly or naive that makes me. But at the same time the other half of me is going to remain logical and say ‘well yeah that’s nothing we didn’t already know’. As I said, you’re you. But for me - this interview doesn’t change anything. Not how I feel, and not what my hopes are.

Exactly what kirk says

I read the interview and felt nothing different. I was like “okay” cause it’s something I already knew. There’s nothing new said in that interview (except the sweater thing lol).